The typical hospital spends
$8,000 per licensed bed
each year on blood products.
Over $3,000 (37%)
of that spend is wasted...

Number of Licensed Hospital Beds

Potential Savings


The Solution

A closer look at your blood supply

Information is Powerful

Receive real-time alerts via push notifications on unit expiration risk, spiked usages and critical low inventory.

Track when units are delivered, transfused and if they are returned.

Track the blood providers total fill rate as well as their fill rate by ABO/Rh

The Team

Ben Bowman

Ben is one of the few experts on the national market for blood components. After 5 years and over 200 in person hospital visits, Ben co-founded HemaVista to ensure a reliable supply chain for hospitals across the United States. Ben has an extensive background in manufacturing and supply chain solutions. He has an undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship and a MBA, both from the University of Minnesota

David Mitchell

David personally visited over 100 hospitals to learn about challenges and opportunities in the supply chain for human blood products. The result was the launch of HemaVista, which David designed from scratch. David is a advocate of elegant user interface and simplicity of design. David received undergraduate degrees in History and Economics from Colby College and an MBA from the University of Minnesota.



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